Simply clean and simply done: film tube waste collectors

When it comes to waste collectors and waste disposal, you have probably heard many times that filled waste bags are too heavy for the nursing staff, bags tear, strong odours escape or that a lot of money has to be spent on waste disposal.

Go a new way! Use waste collectors with foil tubes and you will quickly notice the differences in your budget as well as in the motivation of your nursing staff.

New waste collectors – new cooperation with Sweden

novocal is also breaking new ground in the field of waste collectors with a strong partner at its side: paxxo is a Swedish company focusing on the development of sustainable waste collectors and waste systems. The company has launched the Longopac tubular film – for environmentally friendly, cost-saving and hygienic waste disposal.

Find out more about the new waste collectors with tubular film from the novocal range and the advantages of such a waste collector.

NAL81 tubular film waste collectors for ordinary recyclables

The NAL81 waste bin makes changing waste bags effortless and quick. The tubular film collector contains an approx. 85-metre-long tubular film cassette made of thin and at the same time extremely strong three-layer polyethylene. The tubular film is available as standard in black ( LGP-ME-S) and transparent ( LGP-ME-TR). Other colours on request.

Waste disposal and the use of a new waste bag are guaranteed within 30 seconds.


How does this work?

The entire process for the NAL81 waste bin is as follows:

Step 1: The film tube is closed at one end with a cable tie. As soon as the filling of the waste bag begins, the film tube automatically extends and the waste bag enlarges.

Step 2: If you want to fill a new waste bag, pull down the foil tube slightly and close it with a cable tie.

Step 3: Use a new cable tie over the previous one and cut off the foil tube between the two cable ties.

A new bag is ready in the waste bin!

No smell and no direct contact with the waste – this minimizes the risk of infection by germs, etc. Further advantages: There is no need to search for waste bags, the bags are always completely filled and the film tube has a very good CO2 balance compared to conventional waste bags.

Tubular film waste collector for infectious waste: Pactosafe

The Pactosafe waste collector has been developed especially for infectious and contaminated waste. These wastes can be easily, quickly and hygienically insulated with the foil tube.

The Pactosafe provides a safe working environment because the waste is sealed airtight at the point of origin. It prevents the spread of odours, germs and toxic vapours. The waste introduced is sealed airtight immediately after each use and transported to the container underneath.

With a tubular film length of about 35 metres, the Pactosafe can be used in many areas:

  •  in the operating theatre
  • in patient areas where waste such as cytostatic drugs, antibiotics or diagnostic and laboratory reagents as well as infectious waste is produced
  • in areas with incontinence waste

 The model is available with both open and closed substructures. Both versions are available either as a power supply system or with rechargeable batteries. For the Pactosafe cytostatic foils are available in transparent ( LGP-PS-TR-Z).

5 reasons for the use of waste collectors with foil tubes:

Find out the following five relevant reasons for using waste collectors with film tubes:


1. Efficient

The waste collectors with tubular film are extremely efficient because the bags are changed within 30 seconds. In addition, a new bag is always immediately available. There is no need to search for waste bags and precious time is saved. The flexible length of the film tube makes flexible change intervals possible. A change is not only carried out when the bag is full, but also at shift changes, after work or when the nursing staff deems it useful.

2. Environmentally friendly

The waste collector with foil tube always guarantees 100 % filled waste bags and avoids plastic waste. Due to the extremely thin and at the same time very strong bag material, less raw materials are used, which benefits the environment. An external study (TEM Sweden) has shown that only 1/3 of the environmental impact of CO2 emissions occurs compared to conventional waste bags. If you want to further develop your environmentally conscious behaviour, you can fall back on film tubes with certified biomaterials.

3. Economical

Unnecessary plastic waste of the so far not completely filled refuse sacks is avoided. The degree of filling is always 100% and thus protects the environment. At the same time, less waste means less space taken up during disposal, which in turn means less costs for transporting, storing and disposing of the waste. Since handling the tubular film waste bins is extremely easy and hygienic, the costs for cleaning the waste bins are lower. The tubular film cassette, which is integrated in the waste bin, prevents theft of waste bags.                     

4. Ergonomic

Heavy lifting was yesterday. Smaller and lighter refuse sacks relieve the nursing staff. The waste sack is only as heavy as the nursing staff can carry it due to individual filling quantities.                                          

5. Hygienic

The waste bags are changed and closed on the outside of the bag so that there is no contact with the waste. The bag is simply pulled down on the outside and thus extended. The film tubes are also suitable for wet or moist waste.

Waste collectors with film tubes: Why not?

You have now informed yourself about the most important reasons for choosing a waste collector with tubular film. From your point of view, what else speaks against it? Take your chance and become a pioneer with this system in your hospital or nursing home. Rely on novocal’s many years of experience in the development and design of waste bins and its internationally successful cooperation partner paxxo.

All waste collectors with film tube at a glance


film tube collector                                                                                   

Breadth x Depth x Height
in mm
520 x 565 x 970

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closed model
with power supply or battery available

Breadth x Depth x Height
in mm
540 x 510 x 1120
(incl. extension)

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open model
with power supply or battery available

Breadth x Depth x Height
in mm
455 x 545 x 900

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Longopac film tube

different sizes available

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