Vacuum unit NOVOVAC

No odours, no germs and no unnecessary air in waste bags: The NOVOVAC vacuum unit packs waste hygienically and airtight at the point of origin.

Save time and money and offer your staff a pleasant working atmosphere.

With the vacuum unit to a fresh environment

The NOVOVAC vacuum unit is unique on the market in this design. In healthcare facilities, it is always a matter of questions about

  • ergonomic working conditions,
  • safe working environments,
  • hygiene regulations and
  • economic and efficient waste disposal.

The topic of odour nuisance on hospital wards and in retirement homes is also very big. Incontinence waste exudes a lot of steam and leaves unpleasant odours behind. Contain these odours and make the working environment and the environment fresh and attractive again for patients and residents.

How does NOVOVAC work?

After switching on the device and opening the lid, the filled vacuum bag is placed in the device. It is fixed in place with the retaining clips provided. The lid is closed so that the vacuum process can start automatically. After a few minutes, the vacuum bag is vented and ready for removal.

The result: an airtight and germ-proof waste bag that can be disposed of hygienically and safely. If you opt for the mobile version of the vacuum unit, you can move the NOVOVAC to the waste location. The vacuum unit is immediately ready for use.

Alternatively, the vacuum unit is available as a floor/wall model. This ensures that the device remains safely in one place and is available to all participants at a known location.

Advantages of the NOVOVAC vacuum unit

There are many reasons for investing in vacuum equipment:

The NOVOVAC vacuum unit is hygienic

It seals and vacuums the waste so that it is odour-, germ- and liquid-proof. Infections are prevented and safety at the workplace is increased. The NOVOVAC eliminates the odour nuisance and possible spread of germs that would otherwise occur during storage and transport within the facility or during the storage of waste in disposal containers.

The NOVOVAC vacuum unit is versatile

There is waste in almost all areas of hospitals and care facilities. Depending on whether waste needs special treatment, the NOVOVAC can be used in numerous environments with normal waste generation. Tips and sharp objects can damage the vacuum bags, so it is not recommended to use them with such recyclables.

The NOVOVAC vacuum unit is economical

The air extracted reduces the filling volume. This ensures reduced storage, transport and disposal costs. In addition, smaller waste bags facilitate storage and transport within hospitals and care facilities.

The NOVOVAC vacuum unit is user-friendly

The optimum working height offers optimum conditions for back-friendly working. The NOVOVAC also guarantees simple and fast handling. Antiseptic special filters clean the extracted air so that there is no danger for the user.

Vacuum device NOVOVAC


image shows device without vacuum bag                       

Breadth x Depth x Height
in mm
830 x 530 x 1030

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Vacuum bags
available colours: white and transparent

Breadth x Height
in mm
620 x 1000

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