Uninterruptible power supply

No more power to the computer? Miss out the battery display in the hectic of everyday life? Forgotten to charge? Data not saved? All data is lost! Data that may not be able to be collected again has disappeared. This data is missing for evaluation, correct diagnosis and further therapy.

Avoid such situations and install an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) in your computer and IT trolleys.

An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) offers all users a reliable and inconspicuous solution for charging laptops, computers or tablet PCs in time. Nothing is worse than a loss of data, the annoyance it causes and the lack of necessary information.

Basic equipment of the uninterruptible power supply

The battery monitoring is available in different versions. It is based on a basic unit, an external operating and display panel, all connecting cables and a corresponding battery. Which UPS is the right one for you depends on your individual wishes and requirements. novocal is happy to advise you during the planning phase.

The whole unit of the UPS generates the required charging current and at the same time provides enough capacity for your IT unit. The charging module is already included in the delivery.

UPS: How does it work?

With this mobile and reliable battery solution you are able to work self-sufficiently in your facility, even for hours and shift changes. The control unit of the uninterruptible power supply visually and acoustically signals a low charge level. The charging process can be carried out at any time using the corresponding charging cable. As the name – uninterruptible power supply – suggests, there is no interruption of the power supply, which means you can work more flexibly than ever before.

Why an uninterruptible power supply is worthwhile

In summary, the UPS offers the following advantages:

  • independence from sockets
  • flexible and mobile working is possible at any place at any time
  • UPS can be integrated inconspicuously and space-savingly in any trolley
  • security for staff, patients and residents that data is not lost due to lack of battery capacity

The uninterruptible power supply system can be integrated into a large number of novocal’s patient care and nursing trolleys. All computer and laptop trolleys can be equipped with an uninterruptible power supply before and afterwards.


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