OV6002-EDV – The digital reception assistant

Your protection and security for fast digital contact data acquisition with health check.


With the help of the OptiVisit system, you can easily document the visitor’s contact details and the time they entered and left facilities. In addition, corresponding access requirements, such as vaccination status, can be queried and stored during registration. In times of the corona virus, this visitor registration serves to protect everyone involved from infection and was defined in the occupational safety standard SARS-CoV-2 Chapter II, Paragraph 12 by the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (BMAS). The system can be used in different areas.

The system is characterized by the following functions:

  • digital and data protection compliant contact tracking
  • automatic fever screening
  • ensuring the disinfection obligation
  • deposit of vaccination card with validity check
  • verification of rapid tests
  • access control for vaccinated, recovered and tested persons
  • documentation of rapid tests and vaccinations
  • access control via door opening

Not only companies can protect their employees and visitors, but also facilities of particularly vulnerable people such as old people’s or nursing homes, hospitals and public institutions can fulfill their obligations of visitor registration and documentation.

Advantages of OptiVisit at a glance

  • simple and intuitive operation
  • ID number for identification and authentication of returning visitors
  • Fulfillment of the SARS-CoV-2 occupational safety standard of the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs
  • Ensuring infection protection
  • Ensuring safety for everyone involved minimizing the spread of infections
  • Traceability of possible endangered contact persons
  • versatile Customization options
  • possible compliant contact lists for health authorities
  • Password-protected and data protection compliant database of visitor data

Infrared thermal imaging camera with a height-adjustable stand for measuring body temperature

Label printer, barcode scanner and disinfectant dispenser DMS10-A

Structure of the system:

  • PC with OptiVisit software for visitor data acquisition
  • Infrared thermal imaging camera with a height-adjustable tripod
  • Touch screen monitor
  • Label printer for printing visitor IDs / barcodes (initial loading with 320 labels) optionally available as a check card printer
  • Barcode scanner for visitor registration
  • Disinfectant dispenser DMS10-A
  • Password-protected and data protection compliant database of visitor data


Cabinet part:

  • The Cabinet consists of special high quality sheets and worktops of quality class E1 with a dubble-sided melamine resin coating and a two mm thick ABS-safety edge foil.
  • two fully pivoting doors including cylindrical lock ZY
  • on the left a height adjustable shelve
  • Monitor mounting MH
  • F-mounting FHR made of stainless steel 
  •  push bar BS4L mounted on the left as standard
  • cainet dimensions: 656 x 490 x 906 mm (BxDxH)
  • Total dimensions: 1020 x 570 x 1086 mm (BxDxH)
  • Total height monitor: 1600 mm max.
  • Total height thermal imaging camera: 1740 mm max.

The undercarriage

  • The undercarriage is made of a solid pastic sheet. It also functions a wall stopper
  • Four castor wheels  Ø 125 mm, with two brakes, guarantee easy use



Data acquisition process

Equipped with a height-adjustable infrared thermal imaging camera, automatic disinfectant dispenser (DMS10-A), touchscreen monitor, label printer, barcode scanner and software for data acquisition, the compact IT trolley OV6002-EDV can be used in every facility. Placed directly in the entrance area, the OptiVisit system guides the visitor through the program with voice instructions and pop-ups. After disinfecting the hands, the contact details and the desired visitor are entered on the touchscreen monitor. The body temperature is then measured with the help of an infrared thermal imaging camera. If the temperature and the health check are within the normal range, a barcode is printed out, which the visitor can use to repeatedly register in the facility in the future. Optionally, the door can then be opened. After logging in for the first time, only the barcode is scanned and only the body temperature measurement and the health check are carried out. All other data are stored in accordance with data protection regulations. When leaving the facility, the visitor logs off again using the barcode. This process can be generated for visitors and also for your own staff.

The OptiVisit at a glance

Take advantage of our leasing offer
Due to constant new regulations regarding infection protection and visitor data acquisition, it is possible to lease the OV6002-EDV for an agreed period of time. Please contact us for this. We are happy to help!
Please note: the models shown are only  examples of our extensive range and can be configured at any time according to your wishes. The dimensions given relate to the standard model.


PC with OptiVisit software Infrared thermal imaging camera with height-adjustable stand, touchscreen monitor, label printer, DMS10-A, ZY, MH, FHR and BS4L

Breadth x Depth x Height
656 x 490 x 906 mm
1020 x 570 x 1086 mm
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