The NCSCOV2L Antigen self-test

The NADAL® COVID-19 Ag Test detects components (viral nucleocapsid protein) of the COVID-19 pathogen SARS-CoV-2. The sample is nasal secretion from the anterior nasal region (anterior nasal swab), which is taken with the aid of the enclosed swab.

The test is suitable for self-testing.

The test result provides an initial indication of whether a viral infection is present and how high the risk of infection is for other people. Negative results do not exclude a viral infection with complete certainty, as low virus concentrations, such as those present at the beginning of an infection, may be inadequately detected.

NCSCOV2L Features and handling

  • fast and reliable test results in only 15 minutes
  • all test components are included
  • limited special approval for self-testing according to §11 MPG in Germany (BfArM GZ: 5640-S-123/21)

Sampling is possible by an anterior-nasal swab. The detailed instructions for use are enclosed in the package.

NCSCOV2 Scope of delivery

The rapid test NCSCOV2L is available in a packaging unit of
of 20 pieces per package. Included are:


  • Instruction leaflet
  • sterile swabs
  • ampoules with buffer solution
  • tubes with dropper
  • tube holder

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